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Oahu Party Bus is a Hawaiian reality television series that portrays a family-owned Party Bus Company in Honolulu Hawaii, and the lives of the owners Stacie and Gene Simeona, who found success with their family-operated business. The series depicts the staff's interactions with customers,interpersonal conflicts among the cast and the drama surrounding each bus ride.


Show Breakdown

Reality Show

Self-Contained Hybrid

Comedy Drama, Adventure, Lifestyle

Unscripted Episodic Format

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 5

Running Time 20-25 Minutes Episode

Production Company: Hawaii Film Productions


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Gene Simeona
Boss Man

Gene Simeona was working and Hustling since he was an Elementary student in grade school. He did everything from selling newspaper, to working at Fast Food Restaurants, to selling vacuums door to door.
He is not afraid to work and take chances. Then in 2013 while he was running an Arcade Business, an Adult Store and Flipping Real Estate Properties he decided to buy a Party Bus for fun. Now, almost 6 years later he owns the Biggest Party Bus Company in the State of Hawaii. What he thought was a fun thing to do actually became a huge transportation company and at the moment that`s all he is doing. He closed and sold everything else he was doing and now spends an average of 80-100 hours a week on his transportation company.

Mrs. Boss Lady

Stacie aka: “Mrs. Boss Lady” who is newly married to longtime boyfriend Gene, The owner of Oahu Party Bus, she is mother of 2 boys Bubba and Sean, and is a local girl born and raised on the westside of Oahu in hometown Waianae, she graduated from Waianae High School, then attended Chaminade University. Gene and Stacie reside in Aiea with their son Sean and recently were blessed with another opportunity of owning Dave’s Ice Cream In Aiea, She also plays a roll as “Mama Bear” at Oahu Party Bus helping her husband with Drivers, Tours and any paperwork that may be needed.

Jeremy Merrit

Jeremy was born in Michigan and wound up in Hawaii around 2009, he has lived and traveled all over the world but Hawaii will always be his home. Originally schooled to be a nurse he gave up after a couple years of practicing to pursue other avenues and eventually found himself working with Gene. From there he helped create new ideas to grow Oahu Party Bus with Gene and Stacie not to mention he is always there to help tackle any problems that come up. Currency He wants to see nothing more than this company get huge so he can hire an assistant!


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