Round Trip Transfers

rt2In order to provide multiple options for your bookings, we offer something called a round trip transfer. This is where the bus will pick you up at any designated location on Oahu and you have 1.5 hours to go to another destination. Then the bus will disappear coming back at your prescheduled time for a return 1.5-hour trip (all items must be removed when group disembarks during a round trip transfer). This will be billed at a flat rate based off of bus size and travel locations. Please make sure you choose the correct option when booking this product as they are priced differently. If you are unaware of your exact location, that is ok, just provide a general area and inform us closer to your date. If you fear you will need more time than the provided 1.5 hours we urge you to book the hourly “private charter option” giving you complete autonomy with the bus times and the drop-offs/pick ups.Looking For An Oahu Circle Island Tour?


Large Party Bus (20-25 PAX)

Medium Party Bus (1-17 PAX)

Tour Bus (25 PAX)