Bachelorette Party Bus

Looking For A Bachelorette Party Bus In Hawaii?

Calling all ladies! Do you have a lady in your sights that is to be married? Throw her a Bachelorette Party with Oahu Party Bus and we promise enough memories over one night to last a lifetime. Your soon-to-be-bride deserves a gathering of pure fun and adventure all in the most luxurious of settings and style.

The Bachelorette Party Bus escorts your bride-to-be and friends to the most desired of locales to party, wine and dine or relax. We are able to recommend and help you plan based on our expert local tour guides recommendations but the choice is up to you. Oahu Party Bus only uses top quality buses which are then transformed into state of the art vehicles. The experience starts with entering the all-black ride that opens up into a spacious interior. You will find seats made for comfort, hardwood floors for a fresh look and mirror tinted windows for extra privacy. Wanna take a spin on our “dancing pole? No one will judge you. This is a place to unwind! We`re sure you and your friends will feel comfortable and safe while having the best night you`ll always remember! Oahu Party Bus is a full sized bus transportation service and we are able to accommodate your entire group. No one gets left behind.

Oahu Party Bus is Hawaii’s #1 luxury party bus rental and provides the best service when it comes to transporting your group to the most happening destinations for the entire night (or day). We’ll take care of getting you there safely. From the moment you step into Oahu Party Bus, your responsibility is to have fun and enjoy the journey.  Looking for an equal amount of fun for your man? We also offer Bachelor Party Bus Packages.

How does the Bachelorette Party Bus Work?

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